Ranchi – The Most Enviable Location in North-Eastern India

Posted by admin on Feb 16, 2022

Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand known for its tranquil, picturesque, and awe-inspiring natural beauty. Besides the greenery, the pleasant climate of Ranchi makes it a popular place to live in Eastern India. It’s often described as the city of waterfalls. This beautiful city has tremendous potential to set itself apart and the growth prospect of Ranchi attracts investors to make profitable investments.

Ranchi has already witnessed phenomenal growth in the real estate sector. Skyscrapers are peeping from every nook and corner of the city which are not only studded with modern facilities but also offer comfort and utmost conveniences. The land rates are even soaring rapidly due to the increasing popularity. But, do you want to know the reasons behind it? Let’s find it.

Rapid infrastructural growth

The increasing growth in infrastructure attracts a lot of habitats to settle down in Ranchi. Since the city is developing, new opportunities are coming up. Huge prospects of new employment are there which attract young individuals.

Modern education system

Ranchi is the home to the most renowned educational institutions. IIM Ranchi, NIT Jamshedpur, BIT Mesra, XLRI Jamshedpur, IIT Dhanbad and Ranchi University are some of the prestigious institutions in Jharkhand. Therefore, the city witnesses the arrival of young individuals who come to pursue higher education that actually enriches the market of Ranchi.

The industrial hub

Ranchi is known for its mineral resources. The abundant mineral resource makes the city the “Manchester Of the East”. Ranchi takes pride in its own six industrial areas and day by day, it experiences huge growth in recent years. Today, Ranchi is receiving significant investment from business entrepreneurs as well as the government and it is the future powerhouse of India’s economy.

The growth prospect of Ranchi and its growing market are the significant factors that turn this beautiful city into one of the most popular places to reside.

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